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The Plus-ining

November 14, 2019


On Tuesday, the heralded Disney Plus (Disney +) launched to fanfare of people because  Disney exits. The beginning of the new streaming era has possibly begun. I don’t think it’s divided in this way but here’s how I break down streaming media in to era. 2005-2010: The Early Days:  TV channels and networks start offering […]

The Future Of :Hulu. The End of Free Streaming

August 8, 2016


August 8 Back  when Hulu began, it was  service mostly for catch up of network shows with some extra stuff added in , mostly because it’s owned by major networks. It was all for free  (thanks to commercials), Hulu then added a  new pay service in 2011, called Hulu Plus , as away to have […]

Twitter making some changes to their 140-character experience

May 24, 2016


Techline  Twitter  is making some changes to their long standing 140 characters ,no  they aren’t adding more  characters, they are making some changes to what is currently done.  Currently when you make a tweet when use the “@  username” reply it counts as part of your 140 character limit.   Twitter announced today on their […]

Youtube throws a loop

January 23, 2016


Youtube can now be looped on site!

Hulu starts a Commercial free option

September 2, 2015


Hulu announced  it’s new option for subscribers and to attract new ones who  may have wanted to use the service but not want ads.  Before  on the free option  and on it’s pay Hulu plus   you would still get ads that you couldn’t skip.   From their blog : Hulu Blog:     SANTA […]

Google Gets a new logo

September 1, 2015


Google , has today  released it’s new typefaced logo but it’s still the same Google colors.   Why did  Google change their typeface? From their official blog  Once upon a time, Google was one destination that you reached from one device: a desktop PC. These days, people interact with Google products across many different platforms, […]

Gift Cards Gift Cards Gift Cards

July 30, 2015


Written By Skyler Sometimes , around Christmas or birthdays or whatever you may have revived a gift card or two  and don’t know what do do with them  , or you  may have gotten one at a place you don’t shop at , or you are looking for one, today we are helping you out […]

Site Finds : To get rid of an unwanted account

May 21, 2015


Sometimes ,  you sign up for a social media service, email. etc… and you  realize you don’t want it any more  but you don’t know how to delete that unwanted account. We have a couple sties that can help with that. The first site we have  is called simply enough, Delete Your Account  , the […]

Site Picks: Find where you can watch movies and TV shows

April 9, 2015


Sometimes , you really want to watch a show or movie, but with so many choices of where it could possibly be   , it’s hard to figure out how to watch. The site we are going to be talking about  is a new one , but  I have talked about simliar ones before , […]

Alternatives to Mircosoft Office

March 12, 2015


Here at Joshuaonline  we love to talk about  alternative versions of  things.  We have done alternative versions of Microsoft office before but, this is what you would call a re-fresh. Libre Office    It’s a whole suite comparable to Office the difference is that it’s free and new versions are free.  It has a word […]