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About Self: Re-Run TV lover

October 6, 2012


By Kelly  J. for mychiller life One day I was watching an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” , and realized that the program I was watching hadn’t had  a new episode since 2005 . Yet ,I still watch a show that hasn’t had a new episode  in over 7 years ,  Why? Do I others like me […]

The Titanic was great… in a way but not to great

April 13, 2012


The Weekend Magazine : Features  By Robert M writing for mychiller Life    100 years  ago this weekend, the “Unsinkable” boat the Titanic set out on it’s maiden voyage it was the  a great accomplishment in human  building skills. It was built in Belfast ,which is now the capital of Northen Ireland (Ulster). The 19th century inventing spirit was […]

About Self: What each Presidential candidate can teach you about yourself

January 28, 2012


What Can learning from politicians do for your life?

About Self: Being Perceived as different

July 9, 2011


By Mae  for mychiller life From the start of life many are told what to be or how to act. A boy is told to like “boy things” and  “act like a boy” be tough , you can’t have long hair, you can’t be smart you must be able to play sports. A girl is […]

About Self: final thoughts about this week

May 27, 2011


By Skyler This   week on mychiller life, we introduced  something very new,, called “About Self”  about self reflections, confidence building and  how to have your mind and spirit empowered. I had  a group of fine writers help with this amazing project. Thanks to them for sharing their thoughts, personal stories and more.  This is not […]

About Self: Relations with others

May 25, 2011


By Megan D for mychiller life A true friend makes life better. A true friend is someone who cares about you and you caring about them in any situation. They are there to pick up when you fall and are there to prevent you from falling while you do the same. They are there to […]

About Self: Exercise you mind and sprit

May 24, 2011


By Megan D for mychiller life I exercise everyday to stay healthy  it keeps me fit and happy. So how about exercising  your mind . Stress is a big problem for many we are just plain grumpy sometimes. I exercise my body  and helps me stop stress. This is hard to to do we hand our lives over to stress […]