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Website of the day : Jubilee Food ideas

May 30, 2012


As part of our  celebrtion of the UK running during Queen Elizabeth  II’s  diamond  Jubilee and the Olympics in London . has a cool list of recipes for the Diamond Jubilee (June 1-June 5th,2012) . plus we found an extra recipe that we think would be great for  a nice Jubilee dinner. to find out more […]

Scotch Eggs Recipe

May 29, 2012


Part  of our look at  bits and pieces of things from the UK, during the week times between the  Queen’s Jubilee  and the  Olympics taking place in London this year. Today we are taking a try at something different and delicious in the food .  The Scotch Egg, is  a British  treat we found it’s not […]

Memorial Day Recipies the top 4 list (LINKS)

May 24, 2012


By Skyler Happy Memorial Day !  We have found some great recipes for the holiday these are some of the links of recipes we think would be great. 1. This is an interesting twist to burgers why not add cola, then drink cola with them when your done.  You can find the recipe to the […]

THE MychillerLife Hot List for 1-26-2012

January 26, 2012


 First a note : We launched the mychiller Hot List  on Mychiller LIfe’s sister site ,Croglog, well today we are trying out a different Hot List, the Life Hot List.   Now to be short, let’s get started. .     [Science]     1.  Space lovers be happy , NASA released a , HD picture […]

The Weekend Magazine for January 14th and 15th 2012

January 14, 2012


A note from Skyler The weekend magazine is back here on mychiller life , it’s  alook at we think is interesting in lifestyle topics. Where we inject guest writers statements on what they think about a topic. You can join in too , if you email us at mychiller @inbox that you would like to […]

The Weekend Magazine October 15 and 16th 2011

October 15, 2011


Cool sites  we found By Skyler   1.  World Time Buddy   is a website that helps you figure out time it is in other countries and cities across the world.  It’s lays them out in a nice clean format that you can compare live time and future times across time zones.   IT  allows you to […]

The Weekend Magazine April 30 may 1 2011

April 30, 2011


iphone tracking you  coming  by Darby Louis for my chillerlife. Uh oh the media says that the I-phone can track your every move. Think about it’s what you wanted , yes the made GPS available on your phone and well it has to find you. But now you can plug you phone and find out where you […]