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The Loud House Season 2: Episode 16: Fool’s Paradise/ Job Insecurity

March 31, 2020


The Loud House Nickelodeon    Previously on the Loud House:  The show won’t let Lucy commit real acts of magic, and that’s just wrong, read that here.  Now our Journey continues with episode 16:              Episode 16a: Fool’s Paradise             Another April Fool’s Day episode. How is […]

The Loud House: Season 2; Episode 10: Fed Up/ Shell Shock

March 26, 2020


The Loud House  Nickelodeon    Previously on the Loud House :  Help Help ! I’m being held hostage at the Loud House, this party is boring!    Read that here.    Now to episode 10      Episode 10a: Fed Up               The episode starts by lying to me. Awful episode […]

The Loud House Season 2 Episode 9: Kick the Bucket List/ Party Down

March 19, 2020


The Loud House  Nickelodeon      Previously on the Loud House : We had a bit of bad luck so we stole some frogs. You can read that here.      Now to Episode 9   Episode 9a: Kick the Bucket List      Oh my gosh! Lincoln actually talking to us; this hasn’t happened in […]

The Loud House Season 2 Episode 8: No Such Luck/ Frog Wild

March 13, 2020


The Loud House Nickelodeon           Previously on the Loud House, Lincoln needs his memories back!  You can read that here.       Now to episode 8        Episode 8a : No Such Luck                So, with this being a family that would make […]

DCOM: The Luck of the Irish

March 12, 2020


Dcom  The Flashback         Saint Patrick’s Day seems to be dead in the TV marketing department, there really aren’t  any Saint Patrick’s day specials, I mean, Charlie Brown has an Arbor Day special but no Saint Patrick’s day!  Disney Channel decided at least , once, to have a Saint Patrick’s day related piece […]

But First These Messages: Mazda 100

March 5, 2020


But first these messages          Did you know Mazda has turned 100 years old this year?  Well, we have decided to use that as a way just do some Mazda commercials as a future for this edition of “But first these Messages”. Let’s go find our perfect Mazda.          […]

The Loud House : Season 2: 7b: The Whole Picture/ 18b : Health Kicked

March 4, 2020


The Loud House Nickelodeon    Previously on the Loud House:  Bobby has an affair ! Read Now we have the exclusive news!  Read that Here          Here I go again, I already did Episode 7a: Lock ‘N Loud so I’d given another orphaned pair episode a spot with this orphaned episode.   […]

The Casagrandes Season 1: Episode 8: Flee Market/ Copy Can’t

March 3, 2020


 The Casagrandes Nickelodeon     Previously on the Casagrandes,  Make for Room For Daddy. You can read here. Episode 8A : Flee Market       Did you forget that that show is a spinoff of “The Loud House”?  We are here to remind you that this show is a spinoff. Remember that!  In this episode […]