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The Loud House Season 2: Episode 6: Patching Things Up/.Cheater by the Dozen

February 26, 2020


 The Loud House Nickelodeon   Previously on the Loud House oh this is a mess.              Previously in episode 4 : The Louds go on vacation and later Lucy tries to act normal              Previously in episode 5: Lisa tries to act normal (wait a minute)  Previously […]

It’s a Lookback, Charlie Brown: She’s a Good Skate, Charllie Brown (Re-write edition)

February 25, 2020


Peanuts  The Flashback             So, I have written about this special  before, but I feel  since this special is turning 40 in 2020, and I have more thoughts and insights into special, that I’d do a rewrite. Keeping the old post up, but doing something a little updated and what I […]

The Loud House Season 2: Episode 4: Suite and Sour/ Back in Black

February 20, 2020


The Loud House  Nickelodeon     Previously: The Louds had a fight and their father fell in Love with a van.  Read that here  Now to Episode 4.  Episode 4a : Suite and Sour             Lynn and Rita are going on a spa weekend alone (guess they want a 12th child) , […]

The Casagrandes Season 1 : Episode 7: Operation Dad

February 19, 2020


The Casagrandes  Nickelodeon     Previously:  Carl goes to the zoo, you can read that here.  Now Our “The Casagrandes” journey continues with  episode 7. Episode 7: Operation Dad               Slightly randomly, at least to me,during the Casagrandes episodes of season 4 of “The Loud House”, the series now mentions Ronnie […]

The Flashback: Pepper Ann: Valentine’s Day Tune

February 13, 2020


Disney Pepper Ann Valentine’s Day  The Flashback ‘         I had to do this “Pepper Ann” episode not just for Valentine’s Day, but also for the fact that this episode is turning 20 this year. As it came out on February 14, 2000.           This is “Pepper Ann” episode 42 […]

The Loud House Season 2 : Episode 3b : Brawl in the Family/ Episode 5b: Vantastic Voyage

February 12, 2020


The Loud House Nickelodeon     Previously on “The Loud House” : Lincoln fights for older people and wins , what?  You can read about episode 2 Here.      Quick explainer as to why I’m not doing episode 3a:  Well, if you were following along with my season 1 posts ,I did the same here […]

Valentine’s Day: For Better or For Worse: A Valentine from the Heart

February 6, 2020


Valentine’s Day The Flashback        I have been enjoying writing about “For Better or For Worse” animated specials, and thankfully there’s another holiday to use to talk about a holiday special this one being Valentine’s Day.  This special came out in 1993.       This is “A Valentine From the Heart”   […]

The Loud House:: Season 2: Episode 2 Intern for the Worse/ The Old and the Restless

February 5, 2020


The Loud House  Nickelodeon     “The Loud House” had seemed to catch fire during it’s first season and was pre-renewed for it’s second season and that meant that season 2 could start as soon as season 1 ended airing.  This season ran from November 2016 to December of 2017.      The first of the […]

The Casagrandes: Season1 : Episode 6: Stress Test/ How to Train your Carl

February 4, 2020


The Casagrandes Nickelodeon          Previously on The Casagrandes:  How to lose 100 dollars in 11 minutes  read that here  Now on to episode 6.        Episode 6a: Stress Test            We’ve not really seen anything with Bobby related to schooling before, so this is change of pace.  […]

It’s a Lookback, Charlie Brown: Snoopy’s Reunion

February 3, 2020


Peanuts     It’s all come down to this. Our final Peanuts special lookback. I didn’t really plan the order of the specials as much they free flowed, or I wanted to correlate to certain period of time. We started this with 65th anniversary and due to spaces in time and things, it’s taken us until […]