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Dcom Uses AI to make music : Pixel Prefect

September 30, 2019


Disney           You know about those concerts where they have now passed singer doing holographic shows which seems to be the weirdest thing ever? I think this movie is the reason why those things exists, at least in theory?   “Pixel Perfect”  is a Disney Channel original movie (duh) from 2004.  The fun […]

CNN International Makes Changes : More London

September 18, 2019


CNN International             CNN International is changing their schedule from September 23rd. They will be expanding output from London and Abu Dhabi.       First, “The Breif with Bianca Nobilo” will air from London , for a daily 30 minute program with news from UK and Beyond. The program is 30 […]

The Loud House Season 1 : Study Muffin/ Homespun (Also some extra thoughts)

September 6, 2019


The Loud House Nickelodeon      Previously, the Loud House had an organ harvester and zombies, you can read that here. Now to the final season 1 episode , 26.           Episode 26 A: Study Muffin               Poor Lincoln, he got an F  (Apparently he joined Denzel […]

The Loud House: Season 1: The Price of Admission/ One Flu over the Loud House

September 5, 2019


The Loud House  Nickelodeon          Memories, oh memories, I remember the last episode we covered here .   Now to episode 25.  Episode 25A: The Price of Admission             I’m starting like this, this is one of plots where Character  can’t watch something because the parents say they […]