PSA Month: I’m In Love with Smokey Bear

Posted on January 26, 2017



  You remember Smokey Bear right? (yeah he’s not called Smokey the Bear, because that would be silly) He wars us not to burn down the forests , (which ruined half your plans now didn’t it?) and well  the best way to tell people not to burn down a forest is a P.S.A .

   Hmm what does this have to do with forest fires?

Maybe she’s going to start one?   
    This lady is  signing : “I think  I love you”  It’s kind of dark who she singing to? With your funny hat and friendly hair?  What does that mean?  (Aww Shucks she likes me!)  The manly way you say put out fires and put matches away.   And She’s singing to Smokey Bear! 
Our love is true and nobody will tell us it’s wrong! 
     Not sure how this will stop forest fires , I think we found  out that Smokey goes to night clubs after his day of telling people not to burn down things instead!  
I don’t wanna know what he is thinking here! 
You can watch the whole thing here: 


   Next one ,  
        Hello Joanna Cassidy. 
I just hope she doesn’t start kissing Smokey Bear making us all uncomfortable. 
    Joanna knows a peaceful, quiet place where animals play and it’s called the Forest. (so it’s not Mc Donald’s?)   She tells us to be careful  and not start forest fires. (Well ,Ok any thing for 70’s Joanna Cassidy)   Wait a Minute what’s going on? 
Well now, I am terrified.!   
    Ok Smokey Bear, what’d you do to Joanna Cassidy?   Shame on you!  Wait don’t take of my skin and use me as a mask!   I’ll walk…Run away way now! 


more after the Jump, keep your skin on.

    From fire to you light my fire… well that was just awful , and we wrote that, oh gosh, we sicken ourselves.
    Anyway, Smoking is bad, but how do we tell the people? How!

This one comes from Canada.

   There’s a guy playing Piano! Good for him , he’s playing quite well, not sure what it has to do with smoking though.  A woman then says “Light me Harry”.  (She could have said please)

Ummmm , lazy.  
     Her body ripples (second strangest thing we’ve written since “Alf goes to strip club” )  and her really long cigarette ripples all the way the down the stairs. (Third strangest)  It reaches Harry, I guess, and he lights the cigarette. 
Well I don’t know what to say…utterly speechless. 
    Then he decides to follow it up the stairs ,as it zig-zags back up. (not strange)  Harry really is in love with the unnamed woman then he makes it to the room and… 
   He runs out of the room (oh hey her cigarette is shorter, wow! ok )  in terror , he must be scared of that decor. ( I mean really, look at it, what’s the theme?)   The voice over says : The Longer you smoke (get it?)  shorter your life gets ,as the lady coughs. 
      Moral of the story:  Don’t smoke or Harry will scream! 

  And finally still in Canada.
            There’s a lady, we don’t know here name, she’s at some eatery I guess and she doesn’t like the cigarettes in front of her.  (They don’t taste good) Also, she’s seems very annoyed by the smoke around  her.

I  know what’s  she thinking, and I agree! 
     There’s a bunch of smokers giggling and stuff and umm talking.  So much smoke. 
I agree  with you again!  
                            Then she  has no other opinion: 
 That should work 
         Then she pulls out her little friend and makes the waitress scream then everyone else screams and they run away. 
Meet my little friend. 
Moral of the story : A Skunk’s smell is better than smoke all over the place. To Be fair, Skunks don’t smell unless they release their scent and that’s if they are frightened. 


   Tune in next time  when we find out that Smokey Bear  and that Woman got married and had 3 kids together. (aww love)

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