Hulu starts a Commercial free option

Posted on September 2, 2015



Hulu announced  it’s new option for subscribers and to attract new ones who  may have wanted to use the service but not want ads.  Before  on the free option  and on it’s pay Hulu plus   you would still get ads that you couldn’t skip.   From their blog :

Hulu Blog:

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., (September 2, 2015) – Today Hulu is offering a commercial-free option to subscribers.  Viewers now have the choice to watch Hulu commercial free for $11.99 per month or with limited commercials for $7.99 per month. Current Hulu subscribers will maintain their existing subscription, but will have the choice to switch to the commercial-free option at any time for an additional $4 per month. For viewers who choose to watch content with limited commercials, Hulu will continue to show fewer commercials than scheduled television

So now if you wanted to try Hulu Plus  but have something against ads, there is an option for you  and they still offer a cheaper one  for people who don’t mind commercials , and of course the free version.


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