About Self: What each Presidential candidate can teach you about yourself

Posted on January 28, 2012


By Kathy Walker  

I have a real interest in politics , its downright a movable and surprising  , I have looked at each of the candidates ,especially when I was doing live blog coverage of debates and primaries this month. It’s fascinating to see  how they act and I was wondering how we can do so.  This is not about politics so don’t turn away , and it doesn’t matter if you support or don’t support these people I am using this in a different way.

What Ron Paul can teach you about being yourself.  Ron Paul  is  man that is genuine   , he also very much not willing to change himself no matter what people think of him. You can do that too ,being yourself doesn’t hurt , it’s a whole much easier. He also teaches you to have a good sense of humor and have  a fun sense of life.

What can Newt Gingrich teach you? Now some of you maybe laughing or confused right now, just hang in there. Newt Gingrich teaches you to persevere ,that he never gave up running in the election and has come back again again.  Keep going and gone on it’s  a good thing. Don’t let people get you down, and trust me  Newt has lost of things that people can get you down.  Always keep on going.

Newt also teaches you to dream,  He recently had  said he wanted  a moon colony , it makes a good joke, but it also teaches you that have a big dream and dream big. Believe   that you can reach a goal and do it well, have  a dream that you can work on , no matter what.

Rick Santorum teaches you that you stick to your beliefs , stick to what you are doing , never give up.

Mitt Ronmey you can learn from , takes me back to Ron Paul a bit , teaches you that you should embrace who you are , not who others want you to be  , it may be tough and it maybe outside of what a group you associate wants yo to be, that’s what you can indirectly learn from him.  I also you can learn from Mr. Romney is that , except in politics, you can change your mind  , you can admit you weren’t thinking sometimes.It’s better to admit you are wrong.

I can say you look at  a politician ,in a way I did, and using them to show how they can make your  spirit better.


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