About Self: Being Perceived as different

Posted on July 9, 2011


By Mae  for mychiller life

From the start of life many are told what to be or how to act. A boy is told to like “boy things” and  “act like a boy” be tough , you can’t have long hair, you can’t be smart you must be able to play sports. A girl is told to like dresses and skirts and be a”girl” act sweet  don’t play and get dirty and don’t play sports.       Girls get insulted for having short hair they are sometimes called  names and hurt because they want to be themselves. Boys are attacked if they want to wear a dress or  a skirt or want their nails painted. They don’t wanna play sports they are considered not “Manly”.  What is  so wrong for us to be ourselves? Even if it goes out the spectrum of what’s norm for people.  Then we wonder why so many kids and teens feel  so down all the time. Then we wonder why girls lose confidence , it’s because a view has been placed on their bodies that is un real and unattainable is that right? How can we have this go on  for so long?   Every person is pretty or handsome in their own  way and are  therefore should be to to all.
Needing to have confidence in your self is what will help   you be feeling better about how you look , and how you are.   No matter how  old you are  this is the advice you need.  You have to be your self  , cause you only have one life  and how will you live that?  Will you be sitting there saying you are ugly and you don’t look good or you don’t follow what the norm they set and let them.

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