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AOL down hill life

August 31, 2009


Remember when Aol was the king of Internet? back in the mid to late 90’s ?  When the Broadband age began with Cable companies and Phone companies hopping  on. What happened to AOL it starting going down hill as Dail-up got a nail in the coffin each time. When Videos on the Internet became more […]

Yahoo changes and future

August 29, 2009


Yahoo last month made changes to the yahoo site. It  started changing from Red to Purple but then a few days later they announced they planning to work with Microsoft which may mean that their search may go away and replace by Bing. But Yahoo is more Like Aol in Features more of content site […]

TR.IM update 2

August 18, 2009


No they are not closing….again . But The Url Shortener site is making some changes.  Here’s what they said on their blog Everyone involved at Nambu would like to apologize again for the hastiness in which we acted last Sunday, announcing the shutdown of by the end of the year. As a commercial URL shortener, […]

Searching:Bing or Google?

August 18, 2009


Bing has been growing in Market share so far it’s only 2 months old it has grown to be a really Competitor to  Google . But which one is prefered by you? Google or bing?  It’s a large competive Search Market Between Google,Yahoo,Bing, and other minor search engines which there is many off. Google though is […]

URL shorteners and Twitter

August 17, 2009


Twitter has helped bring out the use of Url-Shorteners. Like and others. Last week for a short 48 hours http://tr.imwent out of business and came back. This brings the question should twitter instead of reliying on a 3rd party like other Url-Shorteners make their own Url Shorterner like WordPress has. This could be very […]

Chicken Kabobs-spicy

August 15, 2009


Come on now Summer is not over yet get to some grilling. Serves 6 Cookingtime: about 1 hour 12 (8-inch-long)  skewers 1 cup(s) brown rice 1 1/2 bunch(es) green onions 1 tablespoon(s) 2 tablespoon(s) soy sauce 1 tablespoon(s) Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon(s) 1 teaspoon(s) salt 2 teaspoon(s) peeled, grated gingerroot 1/4 teaspoon(s) crushed red pepper […]

Microsoft Zune HD will it hurt I-pod?

August 14, 2009


Microsoft’s new Zune HD is coming out later this year but will it hurt Apple’s I pod? The First thing the Zune will be HD the I-pod is not yet. But on the other hand The new zune will have a browser and features like the I-pod touch I wonder how this will work out. […]