Christmas Music : I heard Bells on Christmas Day

November 30, 2016


“I heard Bells onChristmas Day” is  a Christmas song ,that doesn’t  really sound like others , it has  a melancholy sense to it and with good reason.   It was written first as a poem in midst of the Civil War by  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  , which adds to a reason of its reason of […]

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The Future Of :Hulu. The End of Free Streaming

August 8, 2016


August 8 Back  when Hulu began, it was  service mostly for catch up of network shows with some extra stuff added in , mostly because it’s owned by major networks. It was all for free  (thanks to commercials), Hulu then added a  new pay service in 2011, called Hulu Plus , as away to have […]

Bicentennial music :A Lookback

June 30, 2016


Our sister site , Joshuaonline, does something called a lookback, but some things don’t really fit over there in topic range, so here we are.  Part of  our lookback at 1976 and really the Bicentennial as much as we can since this is 40th anniversary of America’s Bicentennial  (Yay America is turning 240)  , so […]


Twitter making some changes to their 140-character experience

May 24, 2016


Techline  Twitter  is making some changes to their long standing 140 characters ,no  they aren’t adding more  characters, they are making some changes to what is currently done.  Currently when you make a tweet when use the “@  username” reply it counts as part of your 140 character limit.   Twitter announced today on their […]

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Youtube throws a loop

January 23, 2016


Youtube can now be looped on site!

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