Site of the Day: Recipe Puppy

July 8, 2013


Here is today’s  site of the day : When we find  a website we like  we had them here ot mychiller Tech. There are many sites that offer recipe ideas  , but what if need an idea on what do to with different ingredients?  That’s where  “Recipe Puppy”  comes in , it’s  a search engine […]

The Hot list :Cool Sites for the Week of May 20 th 2013

May 21, 2013


1. Everytime Zone  ,  Another timezone  site that you may find handy it allows you to look at every major populated time zone and slide to figure out the current time and future times . Good for international calls, conferences and more.  find it here  2. Classical Music , maybe you are someone who loves classical music  maybe […]

Twitter launches Music service

April 18, 2013


Mychiller Life/On The Money/ Tech  Twitter announced it’s newest project ,  Twitter #Music , it’s been speculated for a while that Twitter is launching a streaming music service.      It  has a stand-alone app on Apple’s Ios  ,and also on the web at   . It works with I-tunes, Spotify , and Rdio  (though […]

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The Weekend Magazine March 16 and 17 2013 : Saint Patty’s Is here for you

March 16, 2013


The Introduction by Skyler ( Editor of the weekend Magazine) Happy Saint Patrick’s Day weekend!  I Hope you stay safe this weekend and enjoy it as well,  The Weekend Magazine is here .  Since it’s Saint Patrick’s Day weekend here are some recipes for the holiday, 1. The classic ,corned beef and cabbage (recipe) 2. Irish Beef Stew  (recipe […]

The weekend Magazine for March 9 and 10 2013 : All about time

March 9, 2013


Intro by Skyler : We sadly, haven’t done the weekend Magazine  in a long time , but  it’s back this weekend  and this one is all about time.   With this short introduction here is the Weekend Magazine. Daylight Saving Time Written by  Croglog’s Ryan B. March 10, 2013 is when we once again do […]

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